GDMA - Fat Leonard

GDMA or should I say, Fat Leonard

Over the last several years I have consulted with, represented, or am representing various officers in the grades from O-5 to O-9, about their alleged involvement with Fat Leonard and GDMA. The level of alleged involvement runs the gamut from a lavish dinner, to prositutes; and collateral consequences such as retirement or a security clearance.

For privacy reasons, I’m not discussing the specifics of the individual cases. The point here is to alert you that I have experience and understanding of the GDMA cases. Some of the areas of concern for those not being prosecuted by DoJ include:

  • Gifts, especially ones coming across the quarterdeck before the brow is raised for an underway.
  • Hotels.
  • Meals.
  • Dinners.
  • Prostitutes (and they appear to include "hostesses").
  • BZ's upon departing the port visit. This is an odd one because it's not uncommon for the CO/Flag to give some BZ's to husbanding agents or local officials for helping to make a safe, pleasant, and productive port visit.

You can get a general overview by reading articles from Craig Whitlock of the Washington Post.

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The man who seduced the 7th fleet: Sting reveals trail of corruption

Prostitutes, vacations and cash: The Navy officials ‘Fat Leonard’ took down

Should you wish to discuss your case, please be sure to let me know the following:

  1. Rank at the time of the allegations.
  2. Unit assigned to.
  3. Position within that unit.
  4. Dates assigned to that unit.

I use this information to make sure I don’t have a conflict with a past or current client.