Military Case Evaluation Lawyer

At The Law Office of Philip D. Cave, I have more than 30 years of experience as a military law lawyer. My case evaluation services have proven to be beneficial to service members and their attorneys alike. As part of a consultant agreement, I meet with you to discuss your concerns, conduct a thorough review of your case and give you an objective opinion about the issues you are facing and how to resolve them.

Military law proceedings can be extremely complex. Even the most seasoned lawyers can sometimes find the issues to be quite challenging. In some cases, it can be beneficial to seek the advice of an attorney with experience in military law who can provide a different perspective.

Services For Military Service Members

The majority of my work with service members is providing a second opinion. In many cases, service members have received advice from their attorneys and want to know if they would do well to follow it. In others, a service member is dissatisfied with the outcome of a court-martial or other proceeding and needs advice about how to proceed. Following my evaluation, many service members decide to retain me as their attorney.

Services For Military Law Attorneys

The services I provide to attorneys can vary greatly depending on the nature of the case. Some are in need of insight to a specific aspect of the law in a UCMJ case, and others need help with trial strategy. I am called upon regularly to consult on complex military law matters. You can rely on me to provide the sound advice and guidance necessary to reach a positive outcome for your client.

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I have consulted on cases across the United States in Washington, D.C., Virginia and California, as well as numerous international locations. Contact my office for a free initial consultation regarding the nature of your case evaluation needs and the services I provide. You can reach me by phone at 703-298-9562, toll free at 800-401-1583 or via email.