Prior Cases

I like to hear from clients--especially when it is good news.

Some time I ago the client was falsely accused of a rape, and the terror began--the story was right out of a Law & Order SVU script.  However, due our combined efforts in the investigative and post-investigation phases, and a rational decision-maker, the charges were dropped and no further action taken on the discipline side. 

The other shoe dropped when the client received the letter that he was being considered for removal from the promotion list, based on the allegations.  Good news--he has been promoted.

Not many of those falsely accused of sexual assault do so well post-investigation.  Usually "they" will get you for something.


We represent clients with all manner of UCMJ allegations. Over the past years our emphasis in court-martial trials and appeals has been with cases and issues involving Sexual Offenses (including BDSM situations), Child Abuse, Computer Related crimes, recruiter malpractice,  instructor misconduct, and a wide range of fraud. We have also had success in administrative law adverse actions. In each instance, we have worked hard with the military lawyer or military lawyers to put forward a team effort.


Every case is different, these prior results do not guarantee the same result for you.

Every set of case facts is different.

The law changes.  For example the law regarding sexual assault was changed significantly in 2007, and then in 2012, and will be new for 2018.

The best course of action is to have a consultation with an experienced lawyer about your case and your specifics.Go the the:

Information on the types of cases handled over the years at a court-martial investigation, trial, or appeal.

Adverse Administrative Actions page for information on cases other than courts-martial or courts-martial appeals.