Security Clearance

Military Security Clearance Lawyer

For many military personnel, a security clearance is essential to their success while on active duty and in their post-military lives. Involuntary discharges, violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and other issues can all contribute to the loss of one's security clearance. If you are being accused of an offense that could get your security clearance revoked, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced military law attorney with the ability to protect your interests.

At The Law Office of Philip D. Cave, I represent United States military personnel throughout the country and at international installations around the world in a wide variety of complex military law matters. Whether you stand to lose your security clearance or need help getting it, I am prepared to provide the results-oriented representation you need to secure a positive result.

Assisting Clients Who Have Been Denied Security Clearance

For some service members, failure to keep or obtain a security clearance can limit future service and/or employability. Losing your security clearance may result in discharge from the service or may limit your ability to receive a promotion. If your request for security clearance has been denied, don't feel like you have no further say in the matter and that you will never receive the clearance you need. I will review your case, determine the reason your clearance was denied and advise you on the available options.

I understand the process involved with obtaining security clearance, and I know how to overcome the issues that can lead to the rejection, denial or revocation of a security clearance. As your lawyer, I will work with you to develop a sound solution to show that you are not a security risk and present the strongest possible argument in support of your request for clearance.

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