Under Investigation

In many cases, service members need the advice of a reliable military law lawyer while investigations are still in progress. The military branches do not assign attorneys at this stage, when sound legal representation could be most important. This can be especially true in cases where service members may be subjected to illegal pretrial punishment or other rights violations. At The Law Office of Philip D. Cave, I represent service members at every stage of their cases, from investigation through pretrial actions and court-martial litigation.

As a former Chief Trial Defense Counsel and Chief Trial Defense Counsel at the Naval Legal Service Office (NLSO) in Norfolk, I understand how the investigation process works and how to get the information necessary to secure a favorable outcome in your case. Getting me involved early on in the investigation provides a much better opportunity for me to resolve the matter in your favor. Depending on the circumstances of your case, I may be able to negotiate a resolution without the case ever going to court-martial.

Representing Military Members Under Investigation In The United States And Around The World

My practice has taken me to locations across the United States, including Maryland, Virginia, Texas, California and Washington, D.C., as well as international installations in Afghanistan, Italy, Germany and Spain. No matter where you are, I will come to you. I have represented services members being investigated by NCIS, OSI, CID, CGIS, DCIS, DSS and others.

I have experience representing service members facing all types of military investigations, including the following:

  • Inspector general investigations
  • Boards of inquiry
  • JAGMAN investigations
  • Investigations of alleged offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • Discharge review boards
  • Article 15 and other nonjudicial punishment proceedings
Contact A Qualified Military Law Attorney

If you are being investigated by any military authority, contact my office for a free initial consultation about your case. You can reach me by phone at 703-298-9562, toll free at 800-401-1583 or via email.