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Sex Offenses

Sex offenses are the most frequent cases on our docket
and on the Service trial dockets

You need a civilian military defense lawyer to help defend a sex offense accusation

We have a lengthy experience in defending these cases at trial with major successes.

Most, not all involve an allegation from a "friend," co-worker, spouse, intimate partner, or someone at a party or group event. Few cases involve what sometimes is called "stranger rape."

Most have alcohol involved where both parties to the case have been drinking alcohol. Prosecutors improperly refer to all these cases as alcohol facilitated cases. The inference is that the man always gets the victim drunk to take advantage. In our opinion this is false in most cases. Sure, there may be some cases where the male intentionally gets the alleged victim drunk. In invoking this argument, prosecutors get to shift responsibility from the alleged victim for her own conduct and place all the blame on the male.

We have a page on "Alcohol and Sex," and also "Consent to Sex" because the two concepts are related. For example, the still used "one drink means no consent" canard. That is just not true legally or medically. Military trainers have, and some still do put this false information out.

We have a page on "Sleeping Sex." Generally this type of accusation comes when the complaining witness said she was sleeping and woke up to being penetrated or fondled, or something similarly sexual.

We have a page, primarily for medical providers about sex offenses committed through an alleged "fraudulent" representation of a medical reason to touch "intimate" parts of a patients body.

Advocates for alleged victims like to talk about SAPRO Myths. While they are not actually myths, there are some other myths related to sexual assault allegations that the advocates ignore. One of the common myths, or rather misconceptions is women don't make false reports of sexual assaults. So have a page talking about the common reasons for a false sex assault complaint.
Client Reviews
Many years after retiring from the USN, I suddenly found myself in a very unwelcome legal matter with the Navy. It was a total shock and I was very concerned as to the impact this would have on me and my family. Philip was so helpful, truly a calming force, and his legal help was invaluable to me, I am so thankful that I availed myself of his services! Rob
Phil Cave has helped me through NJP and restoration of my security clearance. He even came to visit me in Spain. I never thought I would work again and he certainly through with advise and guidance that we're exactly spot on. He is my hero and thanks to him I gave my life back... Bryan
Mr. Cave saved my military retirement! His promise to me from day one was that he would fight as hard as he could he right the wring that had been done to me. And he did! I am so very thankful and grateful to him. He genuinely cared about me and made my case his priority. He used all his experience and knowledge to put forth a good defense. I am very pleased with him and will recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. Crystal